Apps ξ Autonomous System Development with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Hydrogen powered »Ξ
DragonXi Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Benefits of UAV helicopter »Benefits »Mission Profile »Performance »Senses » Specialty » Structure » Usage
DragonXi Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Behaviour of UAV helicopter »Behaviour » Symbol » Weight & Measures - see also Appendix » A » B » C
Network (NET) for Business powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DragonXi Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS)
Agile UAV helicopter deployment ξ »Rapidly deployable Unmanned & Autonomous »Systems (UAS) for »Network-Centric Business Operations »ζb
Network (NET) for Patrol powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DragonXi Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS)
Agile deployment of UAV helicopter ξ »Rapidly deployable Unmanned & Autonomous »Systems (UAS) for »Network-Centric Patrol Operations »ζp
Network (NET) for Military powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DragonXi Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS)
Agile UAV deployment ξ »Rapidly deployable Unmanned & Autonomous »Systems (UAS) for »Network-Centric Military Operations »ζm
Sphere of DragonXi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ξ Multiprocessing4Xi SDK

SDK for Artificial Intelligence for high performance Multi-Core Processors
Δ Faster Systems with modern Processor Architectures
Δ Smart Diagnostics for Multiprocessing
Δ Secure Debug on/off switching
Δ More variety of Verbs and Expressions in programming
Δ Reports built in Industry Standard formats
Δ Visualization of the System from multiple Viewpoints
Δ Increased productivity to the whole System Life Cycle
Δ Logic not changed when debugging added
Δ Increased Productivity via available Patterns
Δ Verbs for Object Actions from Natural Language
Δ Automatic Macros embedded for Smart Keyboards
Δ Easier editing and analyzing of Programs with Tags embedded
Δ Parsing of Programs for the quality of Software Engineering
Δ Errors and Exceptions are properly handled
Δ Faster and more reliable Systems engineered
Δ Agile System Development
Δ Time from Proto to Production minimized
Δ Improved quality of Deliveries
Δ Installations with on-site Diagnostics
Δ Faster Error solving
Δ Increased Performance with easier System Tuning
Δ Both visual and textual Trace
Δ Time stamped Events
Δ Modular System Architecture
Δ Based on Open Systems
Δ Less dependence on Operating System
Δ Managed Exceptions
Δ Architecture scales from Single to Multicore Systems
Sphere of DragonXi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ξ Scope4Xi SDK

SDK for Artificial Intelligence
Δ Software generated automatically for Xi = {APU ... CPU ... GPU ... ZPU},
- where Xi depicts virtual device prepresenting Processing Unit such as GPU
Δ System can automatically decide the best Processing Unit(s) for Task(s)
Δ Programmers can also allocate Processins Unit(s) for Task(s)
Δ Improved performance
Δ Balanced resource usage
Δ Processing units {APU ... CPU ... GPU ... ZPU} can be simulated
Δ Machine generated code increases productivity
Δ Adding new hardware becomes less costly
Sphere of DragonXi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ξ Studio4Xi SDK

SDK for Artificial Intelligence Δ AI and autonomous System Development
Δ Macros for messages to be embedded in programs
Δ Parsers for software modules
Δ Timing services for trace
Δ XML-files to sense, reason and ace traces
Δ Nouns with colors to depict software actors
Δ Easy import for Classes and Functions
Δ Find services to analyze and develop programs
Δ Verified hyperlinks built for web pages
Δ Embedded trace for Multiprocessing Programs
Δ Automated trace for Software Development
Δ Adjustable timeouts for tuning systems
Δ Symbolized software Actors for trace
Δ XML generated for Sense, Reason and Ace
Δ Dynamically loadable Programs generated with software
Δ 2D/3D Image Programs for special Processors
Δ Natural language trace embedded in programs
Δ Profiles for smart keyboards
Δ Programs for module and system testing
Δ 3D coordinates for timed trace events
Δ Programs for system constants
Δ Compability with standard Multiprocessing
Δ Multiprocessing classes Process4Xi, Queue4Xi, Pipe4Xi
Δ Trace and Benchmark results embedded in modules
Δ Programs to create Web Portals
Δ Programs to view Web Portals based on roles and categories
Δ Version management with one program
Δ Statistics for software and web development
Δ Target functions automatically created for processes
Δ Modules generated to activate processes with target functions
Δ Dummy processes for threads to simulate CPU cores
Δ Target functions activated for processes
Δ Automatically generated Programs and Tests
Δ Multiprocessing Programs generated automatically to distribute work load
Δ Command and Control via Named Pipes and Queues
Δ Visual Symbols for »Verbs and »Nouns
Δ HTML generated to »Verbs, Clusters and Supers
Δ Colors generated to »Actors
Δ Software Objects generated for Processing Units {BPU ... GPU ... ZPU}

ξ App Waves

App Waves
Surfer of DragonXi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)


California Highway 101

τ Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence Deep Learninginference Object detection Personal Robot Reason It Transfer learning
Δ deeplearninginference ».app
Δ objectdetection ».app
Δ personalrobot ».app ».dev
Δ reasonit ».app
Δ transferlearning ».app

Γ Autonomous

Autonomous Autonomous device app Autonomous device dev Autonomous robot app Autonomous robot dev Autonomous system app Autonomous system dev Autonomous vehicle app Autonomous vehicle dev
Δ autonomousdevice ».app ».dev
Δ autonomousrobot ».app ».dev
Δ autonomoussystem ».app ».dev
Δ autonomousvehicle ».app ».dev

ρ Unmanned

Unmanned DragonXi DragonXi Lidar system Lidar system Unmanned system Unmanned system
Δ dragonxi ».app ».dev
Δ lidarsystem ».app ».dev
Δ unmannedsystem ».app ».dev

All in alphabetical order

Alphabetical Apps
California Highway 101

Ace it
Δ aceit »app
Δ aeronautics »app »dev
Δ antarcticocean ».app ».dev
Δ app2ace4yo ».app
Δ arcticocean ».app ».dev
Δ atlanticocean ».app ».dev
Δ autonomousrobot ».app ».dev
Δ autonomousdevice ».app ».dev
Δ autonomoussystem ».app ».dev
Δ autonomousvehicle ».app ».dev

Beyond meat
Δ beyondspace ».app

Caribbean sea
Δ caribbeansea ».app ».dev
Δ cryogenics ».app ».dev

UAV helicopter
Δ deeplearninginference ».app
Δ dragonxi ».app ».dev
Δ dragonxi ».com

Indian Ocean
Δ indianocean ».app ».dev

Δ jetport ».app ».dev

Δ lidarsystem ».app ».dev
Δ loihi ».app ».dev
Δ longrangehunting ».app

Marlin fishing
Δ marlinfishing ».app ».dev

Δ namib ».app

Δ objectdetection ».app
Δ oceanography ».app
Δ open source platform ».app ».dev

Δ pacificocean ».app ».dev
Δ personalrobot ».app ».dev
Δ porthos ».app ».dev

Rub Al Khali
Δ reasonit ».app
Δ rubalkhali ».app

Southern Ocean
Δ senseit ».app
Δ southernocean ».app ».dev
Δ spacescience ».app

Third pole
Δ transferlearning ».app

Unmanned system
Δ unmannedsystem ».app ».dev

Δ yocto ».app
Δ yourdragonxi ».com ».org

Ξ Contact {ceo|cbo|cco|cdo|cfo|cmo|cpo|cto|sec|}

ξ » email
Chief Technology (CTO) of DragonXi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Δ autonomoussystem ».app ».dev
Δ deeplearninginference ».app
Δ porthos ».dev
Δ reasonit ».app
Δ transferlearning ».app
Δ unmannedsystem ».dev
Δ yocto ».app
ξ » email
Secretary (SEC) of DragonXi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Δ app2ace4yo ».app

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